May 10, 2010

Great hikes with the kids

I love to hike. I can literally hike everyday, so it's a good thing I live somewhere where there is abundance of hiking trails that I could never get tired of.  Some days, I like to hike to clear my head and just get quality "me" time.  Yet, other times, I love to hike with my family.  My two oldest kids are are at that age (no longer need to be carried in the backpack) where they enjoy hiking with me.

A few of my favorite trails with the kids:

Carbonate --this will get the blood going as you climb straight up the mountain, then run the switchbacks down. It's also so much fun to point out different parts of Hailey from way up high.  Right now, there are some beautiful wildflowers popping up.

SV Golf Course Trail (across from Penny Hill and the Resort)---not sure if that is the official name, so if anyone knows the official name, please let me know.  This is a relatively easy hike to do with kids and offers a big reward in a short time.  The view on top of the hill is breathtaking and makes you literally jump for joy that you live here.

Quigley---great for the dogs and the kids.  It's a straight up and back trail.  Not too scenic, but you could also bring the bikes.

Adams---this one is always a winner.  Beautiful during every season and lots of different trails. The "parking lot" might overwhelm you since there will be a lot of cars, but somehow you will never run into a crowd of people. As a bonus, there is a small creek that kids love to play in.

When hiking with kids, be sure to bring lots of water, snacks and a hat.  Also, remember that the hike will probably take you twice as long since kids get easily distracted by rocks, bugs, flowers, birds, etc.  Enjoy the great outdoors with your child. It will amaze you how much your child will talk during this one-on-one time.  A simply perfect way to spend the day.


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Stephanie said...

Thanks for this!! We are headed there in a week with a 6 and 2.5 year old. I look forward to exploring these places!! I'm always grateful for people that take the time to write posts like this for others.