May 28, 2011

Sun Valley Summer Guide

This just came out on local news stands and it is a must have for this summer.  It is my belief that this is the first edition and is a genius thing to have created.  I haven't read through the whole thing, but am looking forward to doing so during this long weekend.

Check it out HERE

Be sure to glance at page 4 and search for a shot of my special family!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

March 31, 2011

Petite Picasso Camp

Spring break is over (for some) and hard to believe, but it is already time to start thinking about summer.  Especially with our beautiful weather this week, it has definitely put me in the summer mood.

I love everything and anything about Petite Picasso, so I just had to pass this along.  It sure makes me wish I was a little kid again. Thank goodness I can live vicariously through my own children.

June 13-16- Spa Camp (Cara Drougas)
Four fun filled days making lotions, lip balms, face scrubs, bubble bath, eye pillows, and more!  The last day girls get to enjoy their hard work with a spa day with manicures, face masks....
Ages 6-12
June 20-34- Art of Music I (Mitzi Metcham)
Art means many things at Petite Picasso!  This great camp combines music and art in a harmonious way! Mitzi from Music n’ me We will combine singing, dancing and art culminating in a wonderful performance on stage.  Enjoy learning about music and performing while using instruments we make in class!
Ages 5-9
June 24th (Friday only)- Cupcake Camp-1 day (Deida Runswick)
One of my favorite things about Petite Picasso is the popular birthday parties I host.  And my most favorite thing about the parties are making the cupcakes.  The batter is only the start as the toppings are so much fun to create.  Kids will learn piping techniques, easy fondant tricks, various batter and buttercream recipes and will take home pastry tips and bag kit to practice their new favorite hobby at home!  Limited spots available!  $55
Ages 8-12

June 27-30- Culinary Camp (Deida & Duane Runswick)
Does your child love to cook AND create?  We will be making everything from Italian to Mexican, Asian to American and everything in between.  Dough from scratch, baking, healthy snacks, fun food, candy making.....painting, mixed media, custom plate and more.  Special restaurant field trip to see the inside of a local kitchen.   LUNCH INCLUDED, they are making it!
Ages 8-12
July 11-14- Alternative Art (Deida Runswick)
For the serious young crafter, this camp will explore unique jewelry projects, collage with fabric, fabulous papier mache scultpure, eco-art, embroidery & fashion projects.    
Ages 9-14
July 18-21- Art of Music II (Mitzi Metcham)
Art means many things at Petite Picasso!  This great camp combines music and art in a harmonious way! Mitzi from Music n’ me We will combine singing, dancing and art culminating in a wonderful performance on stage.  Enjoy learning about music and performing while using instruments we make in class!
Ages 5-9
July 25-28- Disney Princess Camp (Deida Runswick)
Calling all Disney fans!  4 days if art and creativity with inspiration from Disney’s classic tales.  Painting, sewing, mixed media, create your own fairytale book....Dress up, tea parties, story telling, etiquette.
Ages 6-10
August 8-11- Mud & Mixed Media ~ “An adventure in sculpture” (Sarah Long)
Sarah Long, owner of Bella Cosa studio in Bellevue, shares her creativity with kids in this great summer camp. Clay slab projects, painting ceramic bisque, sculpture and multiple mixed media projects.    
Ages 6-12
August 15-18th- Junior Explorer Camp (Deida Runswick)
This one is for the little guys and gals!  We will explore bugs, plants, and the earth thru exploring, art projects, and cooking!  A fun summer treat for the little ones who want something fun and healthy.
Ages 4-5
August 22-25- Back to School Fashion Camp (Cara Drougas)
A bit of fashion a bit of function.  Kids will make fun school supply projects, desk decor and fashion accessories. Let them make a statement starting off the year with cool custom made accessories and decor!  Too many projects to list!
Ages 8-12

  Summer Camps are 4 days in length and are not available on a per day basis, except for Cupcake Camp.   Please bring a bag lunch for you child each morning or plan to drop one off by noon (except culinary camp).   Drinks and a small snack provided each day.  Cost $150 per 4 day session. Siblings receive a 20% discount on second child ($120). Cancelations within one week of camp forfeit deposit unless spot can be filled.  Cancelations more than a week before a camp starts get a refund less $20 processing fee unless another camp is rebooked.

March 20, 2011

Happy spring decor

I found these super adorable paper ball decorations at Jane's in Hailey.  I can't remember the exact price, but do know that they were under $10 AND on 20% off.  

They are just perfect for my daughter's room and add a little bit more excitement and color.
Happy spring!

March 15, 2011

New blog (kind of)

Ok, I tried, I really did!

I thought about coming back to this blog, but my one and only 2011 resolution is to simplify my life--better for me, better for my family.  With that said, I have decided it best to only have ONE blog, which will be my family personal blog.

 This Sun Valley blog will still be up and running so please feel free to come back and browse as often as you like and maybe, just maybe (very rarely though) I may add something to this blog.

Thanks for everyone's support, advice and readership this past year.  It's been a fun ride!

We will still remain an active family in Sun Valley, so if you just need a new (to you) blog, then feel free to  discover my personal blog.


March 11, 2011

Winter fun is still not over!

*Click on image to enlarge*

Since this is in my neck of the woods, you better believe that we will be there with our dogs, skis and poles. Can't wait to give winter one last horrah!!

In case you haven't noticed, perhaps you haven't, but I took a brief break from blogging, but now I am back.  This valley is just too cool and my brain can't hold all of my thoughts, so I have to get them out somehow!!

February 19, 2011

Another great day in the valley

Yeah for all our new white stuff!!

What a great Saturday we have had so far. First we stopped at the Senior Connection in Hailey (across from Roberta McKercher Park) for their old fashioned ice cream parlor. What a special treat.  Single scoop cones (which are mighty big) are only $1.  We opted for some of those and split a banana split. Great ice cream in a cool atmosphere.  Currently they are open on Saturdays from 1-4pm, but will expand their hours come spring/summer.

Then we were off to see the Tortoise and the Hare presented by St. Thomas Playhouse Children's Touring Theatre. We haven't missed a single one their annual performances and always walk away with smiles on our faces.  Be sure to check out this FREE event that will delight the whole family.

Free Public Performances!
Saturday, February 19th       2:00 p.m.     Iconoclast Bookstore and Cafe ~ Ketchum
Saturday, February 26th       10:30 a.m.   The Community Library ~ Ketchum
Saturday, March 5th              12:15 p.m.    Children's Arts Festival ~ Community Campus ~ Hailey
Wednesday, March 9th        10:30 a.m.    The Hailey Public Library ~ Hailey

February 5, 2011

Chess for kids

Sign us up!  The rumor from many of my friends has been that this new chess club in town is the latest rage.  We had to miss the first session, but will definitely be signing up for session number 2.

Love the idea, love the location!


February 4, 2011

Benefits of Volunteering

Why volunteer?

Not only does it help others and your community, BUT it also helps combat stress and reduce illnesses.  So, serving others also serves yourself.  Why volunteer?  Why not?

Click on this LINK for more information on this study. Fascinating stuff!

Personally, I like to volunteer with my family. It allows me to stay connected with our community, without taking time away from my kids. Plus, it teaches them a valuable lessons about giving back while having fun.

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure to volunteer for these fine folks during the Sun Valley Snowshoe Race. Basically, if there is ever an event that Liz Clark or Brad Mitchell put on, I will be the first to volunteer since they are high class people with big hearts.  The 2nd Annual Snowshoe Race was a big success on such a beautiful day.  Man, I love this place!

January 30, 2011

photo opportunity

If you want a great photo location with Baldy in the background, then the Nordic Clubhouse (down Sun Valley Road, past the resort) is an ideal spot.  Plus, you can have a little nordic skiing adventure, some delicious lunch (surrounded by great views) and some outdoor wear shopping done.

Or, perhaps this post is just about posting a cute photo of my kids!

January 28, 2011

Great blog!

Check out this inspiring blog by a friend of mine (and a local family). I'm in awe of their commitment, especially with two young children.  Huge kudos to them and thanks for inspiring me to further support our American economy!

January 27, 2011

Cupcake decorating

The Community Library in Ketchum is hosting a cupcake decorating party today for wee ones starting at 4:00 pm. Supplies on a first come, first serve basis.  Sounds yummy!!

Pray for snow!!

January 26, 2011

Spirit of Idaho Award

The Spirit of Idaho Award is an award for anyone in Idaho that inspires everyone they come in contact with by "Demonstrating Extraordinary Faith, Love and Courage". 

It was created by the Mrs. Idaho staff and is in honor of a friend who passed away this summer from cancer. She was the mother of two young daughters and was a wonderful lady. The award will be presented at the Mrs. Idaho America pageant in Boise on February 12th.

You can email with the person you would like to nominate and a message telling them why this special person deserves this award. The winner of this award does not have to be involved in pageants and can be a man, women or child.

January 23, 2011

Infant and Toddler Assessments

Region 5 Infant Toddler Program with be having an assessment day for babies on up to 3 year olds on January 27th from 10am-2pm at St. Charles Catholic Church in Hailey.

Children will be assessed in the following areas:  speech/language skills, walking skills, play skills, motor skills, and social-emotional skills.

Also, they will have a wide range of professionals on hand to answer your questions.

Walk-ins are welcome, but to secure an appointment please call Marcy at 1-800-432-3255

January 21, 2011

Pets make better people, better people make better communities

Above quote taken from the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley's brochure and it is so true!

This past weekend, we adopted the most wonderful kitten from the animal shelter and our home and our hearts are filled with more love than we could have ever imagined.  Who knew that such a tiny creature could make such an impact on an already established and happy home?  

As I have stated before on this blog, our local Animal Shelter is such a loving and caring place for homeless animals, but they are always seeking homes for their dogs and cats.  If you are interested in adopting a pet and making your day even more brighter, then please consider your local animal shelter first.

Aiken (our 10 year old lab) meets his newest kitty sister, Annie (4 months old).

January 20, 2011

Snow shoe race for kids and adults

 On your mark, get set, SNOW SHOE!

From the YMCA's website:

Kids Kilo Snow-shoe Fun Run!

The Y's Kids Kilo Fun Run will take place on the White Cloud Loop Nordic trail Saturday, January 29th. A great kick-off to the Nordic Festival, this fun-filled family event will provide post race cookies, hot chocolate, and fun! Snowshoes will be provided on a first come first served basis. There will be three different age-appropriate heats. Each child will receive a racer bib and finisher medal. Be sure to stay after and enjoy the snow themed activities! Don't forget to dress warm! Pre-registraion required for the $10 entry fee. Race-day registraion: $15/child. Call 727-9622 today to register!
Ages: 3-5 yrs, 6-8 yrs, and 9-12 yrs
Dates: Saturday, January 29th
Contact Danna at 928-6710 for more information